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My jouney with TASCHEN

2 years ago, I got an email from Robert Alice. My little bugs never dreamed that one day they would be featured by ONE of the world's most prestigious publishing houses-TASCHEN. Benoit Palop as my writer friend helped me to complete this page of mine together. As an indie artist, this is really encouraging experience. Thanks to all bug frens who support the growth of BUGS. We will continue to grow wildly in the future!


TASCHEN’s Guide to the Digital Art Revolution

Robert Alice’s On NFTs is the first major art historiyal survey text on the most compelling, disruptive area of contemporary art today. A rigorous and critical examination of all facets of the NFT ecosystem, On NFTs takes a multidimensional-, artist-led approah, leaving its readers with a richer understanding of a topic oxen shrouded in misconception and pixelated mystery.

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