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Basically creating bugs

As an introvert with many emotions, dreams, and stories constantly spinning in her mind, creating art is the way through which she speaks most freely and eloquently. In her work, Riniifish portrays fantastical versions of otherworldly life, depicting parallel universes and extraterrestrial civilizations full of tiny, translucent creatures. She is best known for her ongoing series of 'bugs' who populate the 'M7 Planet', through which she explores themes of life and death, emotional struggles and burnout, and sometimes, just everyday life.

Since 2020, Riniifish has worked with fashion brands including Pull&Bear, Adriana Hot Couture and JIU JIE. She has exhibited at (Kraftwerk)Berlin, (Shinwa Digital Art Week) Tokyo, (TODA, Kanvas Gallery, and The Opus) Dubai, TezArt (Montreal),(NFT NYC) NYC, (Madrid’s Urban Digital Art Festival)(UVNT Art Fair) Madrid, , and (GifFest at National Design Centre) Singapore.

Solo exhibition at N51 Gallery, Milan, Italy (2023). 
Featured artist interview on WeTransfer(“Riniifish — Creating a digital world filled with therapeutic bugs”2022).
Instagram official featured in 2023.
Published in Taschen - 《On NFTs》2024

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