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Basically creating bugs

As an introvert with many emotions, dreams, and stories constantly spinning in her mind, creating art is the way through which she speaks most freely and eloquently. In her work, Riniifish portrays fantastical versions of otherworldly life, depicting parallel universes and extraterrestrial civilizations full of tiny, translucent creatures. She is best known for her ongoing series of 'bugs' who populate the 'M7 Planet', through which she explores themes of life and death, emotional struggles and burnout, and sometimes, just everyday life.

Over 2022 Riniifish has worked with fashion brands including Pull&Bear, Adriana Hot Couture and JIU JIE. Her M7 Planet series has been exhibited in Berlin, Tokyo, New York City, Madrid, Vienna, LA, and Dubai.

In 2023, her arts are published in Issue #5 of WePresent magazine by WeTransfer, and the French magazine “Revue Maison n°0”.

Solo exhibition “We want to turn the body to the brain” was held successfully in N.51 Concept Gallery, Milan🇮🇹 in March, 2023.




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When bacteria, bugs and alike look like happy creatures, constantly reminding us to view even miniscule lifeforms with loving admiration, Rinii Fish penetrates vibrancy via lens of psychedelia, as her story and artworks show us the fun side of active imaginations.


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Talk | MEME Tuesday X The Burnout Society — Artist Talk featuring Riniifish

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AVA Spotlight | Sept 2022


NFTs are creating a splash in China's art scene

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